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Jera's Jamboree - Interviews with Writers

I’m delighted to be hosting Tony Flannagan in my hot seat chatting to us about Mozzarella Bella and the English Fella. Find out Tony’s inspiration,… 

"I loved this book so much, I couldn't put it down and read it in less a week! looking forward to the next one"

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Author Interview

Pegasus website: The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon was recently released on the 25th May 2017. So, we thought that we would catch up with the author, Tony Flannagan, and ask him a few questions about his new book. 

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Readers' Favourite 5-Star Review of Runaway Spoon

Children will find the story enchanting and, as they accompany Amelia and Pippa, searching for clues to solve the case, they come across magical characters that will fascinate them and hold their attention. The narration is detailed and descriptive and the author’s way of describing the characters, their travel through the Kingdom of Nonsense, and exquisite surroundings make the story appealing to young readers.  

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Beatons Bookshop Review

Tony Flannagan's first children's book is recommended for children from eight to twelve but I’d say from eight to eighty!  The solution is absolutely ingenious – and almost as intoxicating a ‘pooch’, a drink which sounds infinitely preferable to its cousin, ‘hooch’! As for the CODA at the end – it’s sublime. 

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